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Scientifically proven formula to Reddit content marketing

Reddit content marketing

Our Reddit content marketing and advertising philosophies are simple. We have a dedication to winning like no other and helping marketers bring more to Reddit. Because helping others is at the heart of Reddit’s core values.

By bringing our humongous experience to the table, you will have no problem converting your audience into paying customers. So without further ado, here is the scientifically proven formula to Reddit content marketing and advertising.


Reddit Content marketing formula 


Success= 95% research + 5% asking yourself, “why?” Brian Swichkow of Ghost Influence coined this formula. Brian is not your typical Reddit marketer, but he is one to check out.

His claim to fame is a prank that he did on his best friend using so many super-targeted Facebook ads. This prank went viral on Reddit. The above formula for posting successful Reddit content is one based on his repeated success.

Research while obvious shouldn’t be overlooked. The 5% part of the equation should have you asking yourself the reasons behind your Reddit marketing campaign.

What you are looking to achieve in addition to capitalizing on success is important. Because high traffic volume doesn’t always convert, try this method in your Crypto Reddit marketing and see your campaigns skyrocketing.


Reddit Advertising Formula


To succeed with Reddit advertising, use the “PIMP” method by Ryan Luedecke. His formula is simple but effective and has so many proven success stories.


  1. Plan for profit by finding your target subreddits. So research is vital.
  2. Implement quickly by running $ five-$ ten ads in that targeted subreddit.
  3. Measure the Return on investment of each ad before moving forward with the campaign.
  4. Plus up sales by investing more dollars in high ROI converting ads.


Ryan uses the above formula when creating, testing, and running his Reddit. His ad campaigns have even been featured on Reddit as a success story. And many other online publications


The Master of Comments


Appropriately responding to comments is something everyone doing Reddit content marketing should be aware of. However, many people ignore this part and fail miserably.

Above all, your responses should be smart, witty, and methodical if you have any hopes of going viral. Simply said, you need to learn customer service because it makes you better at interacting with people.  And fulfilling their needs


Critical Takeaways for success in Crypto Reddit marketing


  1. You have to be a successful member first; after that, you will succeed with your marketing efforts. Alternatively, you need a successful member to do it for you.


  1. Advertising on Reddit is like you are selling something to a family member. Keep that in mind, when you are writing your ad copy, and you will not go wrong.


  1. Too many advertisers treat Reddit like its social media and use social media marketing techniques. They fail because Reddit is not a social platform.


  1. Reddit, at its core, is a forum and a community. Keep the copy conversational because you are having a conversation.


  1. Use forum marketing techniques over social media type ads, and it will work wonders.


Being a Reddit marketer takes guts and is for those who are bold and willing to take a chance. But if you want someone else to do all of the work for you, we got you too!

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