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ICO Management and promotion services

ICO (initial coin offering) is a crowdfunding technique used in cryptocurrency investments. It is usually sold in token forms to investors allowing them to exchange a cryptocurrency with ease. Anyone who wants to run a successful ICO campaign should consider working with a reputed company which offers professional services. PS Group provides methods to create effective marketing strategies for promoting a project with high success rates. We offer services for start-ups and individuals with expert teams to focus more on their goals in ICO management.

Here are some ICO management and marketing services offered by our company

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1. KYC management

KYC (know your customer) is important for ICO investments in order to overcome illegal transactions and other problems. ICO regulations may vary from one country to another country and managing KYC requires support from expert teams. As more and more ICO projects are coming up, it will become a difficult one to manage KYC. Our ICO marketing agency makes KYC management a simple one to reach more customers globally. As a leading agency, we offer services for investors and start-ups to manage their KYC process without any difficulties. This will help a lot to save time and money to a large extent.

2. Bounty management

A Bounty program is becoming a part in ICO campaigns that allow participants to receive payments for a project’s token. In fact, it provides compensations for a number of tasks used in marketing.  The rewards will usually come in the form of a token or flat currency. Our agency provides ways to build an ICO Bounty program which exactly suits the needs of investors. We offer both pre-ICO and Post-ICO bounty campaigns for those who want to participate in the markets for earning money. Our agency will take care of all activities related to bounty campaigns with professional teams.

3. ICO investor database

Database is necessary for any start-ups who want to enter cryptocurrency markets. PS-Group works on the establishment of investor databases which can help find investors in various countries with ease. Our database will contain the details of Asian markets, North American markets, European markets, Middle East markets, and American markets with phone no and email addresses. The database will help find large investors that give ways to connect with them as soon as possible.

4. ICO management & promotion

Our agency can help increase the popularity of crypto coins that attract more customers. We offer ICO management services such as white paper creation, website creation, social media campaigns, press releases, etc. In fact, we provide different types of packages for making the ICO promotions a successful one to generate more leads. Anyone interested to know more about ICO token sale can contact our company for meeting exact needs. We show ways to advertise ICO through different channels with unique approaches. Our agency makes it possible to impress investors with the latest techniques to gain more advantages. ICOs need a combination of traditional and auxiliary digital strategies to help launch and run a successful cryptocurrency. PS-Group will study the requirements of investors with attention to get the desired outcomes.

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