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How to survive your first ICO Token sale successfully

how to survive your first ico token sale successfully

First, you will need an effective Cryptocurrency marketing strategy for your ICO token sale. There is really no circumventing this step.

Cryptocurrencies have become very popular. This market is growing like weeds with no end in sight. Because of the nature of human intrigue, we all want to be Crypto millionaires. Which has inevitably led to overcrowding, so your coin & ICO token sale purpose  really has to be special to survive.

To manufacture a Cryptocurrency, you may choose to do an ICO (Initial coin offering). Since an ICO is a fundraiser and less costly, using it to gauge your coin’s popularity before investing more cash might be the way to go.

Whether or not you choose to go with the ICO, you still need a unique Cryptocurrency marketing strategy to survive. These are the little things that you need to successfully survive your first ICO token sale.

Basic keys to surviving your ICO token sale

 Hire an ICO Marketing Agency

In as much as crypto has risen in popularity recently, most people still do not understand it. Any worthwhile marketer will tell you that simplicity sells. So I would suggest letting the professional marketers do sales and marketing. It will save you money period.


People love free stuff, which why Airdrops are very effective campaigns.  “Air Drops” is a common phrase or word used in crypto marketing; it means the same thing, free stuff. So getting dropped some free coins is pretty cool. Use it to create a buzz around the ICO from top influencers in the field.

 Crypto communities

Marketing to crypto communities on social media and Reddit could be an effective way to launch your ICO. The r/CryptoCurrency subreddit has over 1 million subscribers who would be a perfect place to market.

Email marketing

Because email marketing’s man use is to target past customers and people who have opted into your email list. It can be a handy device to put out the word about your Coin launch. The people that you know who have a vested interest in seeing you succeed are the easiest to sell.

Affiliate marketing

Finding a top-notch affiliate marketer in the crypto field can do wonders for your coin launch. These guys work on commission, so they are very motivated to sell. They do their marketing and bring clients to your website.

Paid Promotions and search engine optimization

First, your coin has to be unique; it must have a unique name and a unique story to sell. People love to buy into stories even more than they buy products. So also, if you use paid channels, display ads, and other SEO tools, remember to tell a good story. (paid promotion for specific place)

Offline Marketing

Just because this is a digital product does not mean it can’t be sold offline. Industry events and other related seminars and gatherings could be a good place to start, marketing the coin.

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