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Run your campaign with our airdrop and bounty manager

To make a cryptocurrency popular there has to be specific methods followed. Some of the most common methods that are used in the market that are effective would include having airdrops and bounty. Usually it takes a lot of effort and expertise to be able to handle the process in an effective manner. With an effective airdrop manager like us you can ensure that your marketing efforts are on the right track. People who are effective in launching a cryptocurrency may not be as good in marketing of the same. This is where we play a vital role in ensuring the success of the cryptocurrency launch.

We Provide Reliable, Efficient Airdrop Bounty Manager

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An Attempt to Stand Out Among Community

There is stiff competition among the virtual currencies and cryptocurrencies startups. Airdrop provides them with an impressive opportunity to stand out among all others. Bitcoin or Ethereum users, who are presently holders of the cryptocurrency. These people are either interested in the virtual currencies, actively participate in the forum and communicate with other users across various forums. When they receive free virtual currencies from you, they spread awareness about your virtual currency startup in one way or another. So, active members make you stand out among all new virtual currency startups.

Our Excellent Airdrop Promotional Posts Services

Our team vows to provide you with the most excellent Airdrop Promotional Post Services. Airdrop is one of the most efficient ways of marketing your new virtual currency, and we make sure your virtual currency is marketed in a way that it is considered legitimate, authentic and valuable.

What an Airdrop Manager Can Help With?

Some of the leading services that an airdrop manager like us can provide in this area would be as follows. These can help you embark great heights in your endeavor.

Airdrop Bot & Google Sheet Creation

If you are contemplating to begin airdrop marketing it would have to be processed in the right manner. There has to be a lot of planning that goes into it. This begins with creating and having google sheets with a record base. We can do that for you without you having to worry about the procedures involved with using an airdrop bot.

Tasks Distribution With Reward Point

Creating an easy task that provides someone with good rewards is important. This can be the best way to ensure that you get the type of attention that you are seeking for. With the right airdrop promotion in place you can ensure that more people are attracted towards it. Even the relative bounty that you set for the tasks can get the attention it deserves.

List Airdrop on Airdrop Listing Sites

When an airdrop is being done it has to be properly documented and listed. This can be either done through a page that is shared or one that is static. We are capable of handling both of this effectively with ease with the experience that we possess.

Promote Your Airdrop and Bounty

If you are choosing to provide a reward system or an airdrop it has to be marketed effectively. With our airdrop marketing services we can make that happen without a glitch at all. This would mean that you get all the attention that you aspire to get from cryptocurrency dealers. We ensure that the promotions reach the target audience in a specified span of time in an effective manner.

Airdrop, Bounty Participants Entries Validation

When you do airdrop and provide bounty there are bound to be fake entries that can harm you. However, we are able to identify those and have them removed much faster than you can think about. This ensures the smooth running of the operations for you and your airdrop promotion.

Community Support and Handle Participants

Providing the type of support that is expected out of the community is something that we are able to handle with care. After all, if the participants are not handled properly it would lead to negative publicity which is the last thing that you want for your business.

Token Distribution

This is a process that requires a lot of expertise, experience, and patience. Leave us to do the distribution of tokens with our airdrop manager and relax for us to take care of the rest.

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