About us

About us

Global Promotion Service

Blockchain, Social Media Marketing And Networking Solution Company

PS-Group is a leading global promotion company located in Bangladesh which offers marketing services for various clients. We specialize in digital marketing, social media marketing, and cryptocurrency marketing. Our company has skilled staffs who will evaluate the needs of clients who want to create online promotions with the best practices. Moreover, they will help grow business on the markets with high success rates for reaching the next levels. Our main objective is to deliver services with the highest standards to ensure better results. Moreover, we enable clients to create marketing strategies with innovative ideas to get the desired outcomes.

Why choose us?

As a reputed digital marketing company, we think different when it comes to marketing campaigns. Some of our services included in digital marketing include:

Social media marketing

Search engine optimization

Email marketing

Ecommerce marketing

Mobile marketing

Virtual assistant services

Reddit marketing

Telegram marketing

We offer digital marketing services for all sizes of businesses to get high visibility in all digital devices that use the internet platform. Our company enables clients to convey their messages in local and international markets efficiently with unique approaches. This will help get high conversion rates in promotional activities that can increase sales.

Crypto marketing services

Crytomarketing is not an easy one because it needs powerful strategies to build trust among audience to determine whether to buy a token or not. We are a leading ICO marketing agency that guides start-ups and others to setup a successful campaign to setup a campaign with a combination of different applications. They include SEO, social media marketing, video marketing, content marketing, blog submissions, air-drop campaigns, bounty programs, community management, press releases, etc. Our company offers the end-to-end ICO marketing services that can help generate more revenues.

What will our company do?

We provide a dedicated manager for managing a project related to digital advertising and ICO marketing. Our company ensures privacy and security to our clients while offering services. Furthermore, we are highly organized and offer a detailed schedule for all activities related to marketing programs. We have professional teams who are well-versed with the promotional campaigns. They will evaluate the needs of clients to develop strategies which work well for their business. Another thing is that out company will help clients to track the performance results with the latest tools. We help businesses to create a marketing plan that fits their goals and budgets.

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Global Promotion Service